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Dr. Louise Merves-Okin

Licensed Psychotherapist

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Louise Merves-Okin, Ph.D specializes in relationship issues – problems encountered by individuals, couples, families and adolescents. She offers a client-centered approach with individualized care; her patients become equal partners in their therapy and in the decisions that will impact their lives for many years.

Having dual degrees and training in psychology as well as marriage and family therapy, Dr. Merves-Okin conducts therapy sessions with an individual, a couple, family or other related unit. After assessing each situation, she determines the preferred treatment modalities needed to achieve desired outcomes for every case.

"My patients describe me as easy to talk to as well as being a real partner in their therapy."

Couples Therapy

In couples therapy, individuals learn how to communicate more effectively, accept each other’s differences, and solve problems in a constructive manner. Importantly, couples therapy promotes the learning of conflict resolution skills to resolve interpersonal problems. Couples therapy is designed to provide a setting for open discussion where participants learn ways to communicate their feelings as a mutual experience. This process tends to create intimacy in a practical and lasting way.

Dr. Merves-Okin mentors her patients on how to set clear boundaries and create positive solutions for shaping their daily lives. Her primary objective is to help couples identify the reasons for conflict, develop a plan to relieve stress, and return the relationship to a more functional state. Couples therapy thus becomes a forum to process unfinished business from the past that drives patterns in relationships and behaviors in life.

Couples therapy can help you rebuild your relationship. Through couples therapy, participants are able to develop the relationships they deserve. The result is the joy of creating honesty, speaking openly and cultivating emotional and sexual intimacy with your partner.

Sex Therapy

In a loving relationship, sex should be both satisfying and fulfilling. It should bring two people together both physically and emotionally.

“As a sex therapist, my goal is to help individuals and couples develop meaningful – and enjoyable – sexual relationships. I create a caring supportive environment where both men and women feel safe discussing their most intimate problems. Within a short time, my patients understand what issues have prevented them from experiencing a healthy relationship and learn how to enhance their sexuality and pleasure. In most cases, therapy is short term. However, the effect is usually long term.”

As a licensed and experienced sex therapist, Dr. Merves-Okin also helps resolve a wide range of issues about sexual function, feelings, inhibitions, and how two people in a relationship interact. Her expertise includes:

  • Problems with sexual arousal
  • Differences in desire
  • Sexual issues due to illness or aging
  • Performance issues
  • Erectile dysfunction /rapid ejaculation
  • Sexual abuse
  • Infidelity

Individual Therapy

Dr. Merves-Okin treats individuals for depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder and other emotional or behavioral problems. Dynamic therapeutic interventions such as CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), behavioral strategies and EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) are offered to facilitate problem solving skills. Dr. Merves-Okin targets the causes of problems and assists her patients in developing alternative strategies needed to change by reinforcing the client's positive reality.

Individual therapy often is suggested as an adjunct to couples or family therapy when relational issues are involved.

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